Split4Wall is a creative and innovative manufacturer with a young and open-minded team.

We design and produce handmade wall coverings. Our satisfied, joyful customers are already able to convince you and the world about us. Our products are manufactured exclusively by hand.

The proper selection of raw materials requires extensive knowledge and we possess great experience regarding the manufacturing process. The natural splitting process is made individually and is carried out by well trained and skilled staff who supervise, guide and manage the operation only after years of practice.

To ensure that every Panel is unique and is like no other, it is possible to correct the composition on the panel by hand. We follow the customer step by step and fulfill each of their wishes and requirements. We are happy only when our customer receives the product and solution they are most happy with.

We love our products and we will realize your vision with every single panel that we produce.

We look forward to welcoming you as a satisfied and joyous customer of the brand Split4Wall.